Hacettepe University - International Relations
Approved by the Higher Education Council in 1992, our department was established in 1994.
Faculty Members


     Prof. Yonca İLDEŞ

      Research Interest: Political History, Turkish Foreign Policy

      Tasks: Head of Department, Head of the Department of Political History, Risk Manager

      E-mail: yoncaildes@hacettepe.edu.tr               Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 113)

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     Prof. Emel Gülden OKTAY

      Research Interests: EU Politics and International Relations 

      Tasks: Security in the Balkans, Public Diplomacy

      E-mail: eoktay@hacettepe.edu.tr                      Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 118)       

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     Assoc. Prof. Itır İMER

      Research Interests: International Economics, International Political Economy and Economic                        Integration


      E-mail: ozeri@hacettepe.edu.tr                         Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 134)       

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     Assoc. Prof. Murat ÖNSOY

      Research Interests: Balkan Politics, Turkish Foreign Policy, Turkish - German Relations, European                Studies     

      Tasks: HÜTAİ Director

      E-mail: muratonsoy@hacettepe.edu.tr            Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 117)       

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     Assoc. Prof. Zeynep ARKAN TUNCEL

      Research Interests: International Relations Theories, Critical Constructivism, Poststructuralism,                  Foreign Policy Analysis, EU Politics

      Tasks: CREUS Director

      E-posta: zarkan@hacettepe.edu.tr                      Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 136)       

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     Assoc. Prof. Mine Pınar GÖZEN ERCAN

      Research Interests: The Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Intervention, International Law          and International Law of the Sea, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, International Courts,              International Relations Theories, Cyber Security and International Regulations, Turkish Foreign Policy          and Greek-Turkish Relations

      Tasks: Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator, Head of the Department of International Law

      E-mail: mpgozen@hacettepe.edu.tr                 Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 135)       

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     Assoc. Prof. Anar SOMUNCUOĞLU

      Research Interests: Russian Studies, Central Asian Studies

      Tasks: Co-Head of Department

      E-mail: anars@hacettepe.edu.tr                       Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 115)



     Assoc. Prof. Burak TANGÖR

      Research Interests: EU Politics and International Relations, EU Integration, Security Strategies

      Tasks: Vice-Dean

      E-mail: buraktangor@hacettepe.edu.tr            Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 114)



     Assoc. Prof. Ayşe ÖMÜR ATMACA

      Research Interests: Middle East Politics

      Tasks: Academic Pardon Coordinator

      E-mail: oatmaca@hacettepe.edu.tr                  Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 133)       

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     Assoc. Prof. Şebnem UDUM

      Research Interests: Nucler Non-Proliferation, Nuclear Security, Nuclear Energy, Energy Security,                Turkish Foreign and Security Policy, Political Psychology

      Tasks: Publicity Coordinator, HÜSAM Director

      E-mail: usebnem@hacettepe.edu.tr                 Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 130)       

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     Asst. Prof. Kadri Kaan RENDA

      Research Interests: EU Politics and International Relations, EU-Turkey Relations, Turkish Foreign                Policy, Security Studies

      Tasks: Mevlana Departmental Coordinator

      E-mail: kadri.renda@hacettepe.edu.tr              Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 123)       

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     Asst. Prof. Elif Renk ÖZDEMİR

      Research Interests: 20th Century European Political History, Turkish Political History, Greek - Turkish        Relations, Forced Migration, State Theory


      E-mail: renkozdemir@hacettepe.edu.tr            Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 120)       

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     Asst. Prof. Esengül AYAZ AVAN

      Research Interests: EU, EU-Turkey Relations, EU Integration

      Tasks: Co-Head of Department, Farabi Departmental Coordinator

      E-mail: e.ayaz@hacettepe.edu.tr                       Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 132)      

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     Asst. Prof. Engin SUNE

      Research Interests: International Relations Theories, International Political Economy, Globalization            Studies, Middle East Studies

      Tasks: Minor Program Coordinator

      E-mail: enginsune@hacettepe.edu.tr               Tel: +90 0312 297 81 11  (Extension: 116)       

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